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Outdated electrical systems that can’t keep up with our increasing technological demands since a typical household have several appliances and electronics running simultaneously. If your home has outdated electrical outlets, our electricians can help you upgrade them, so your property continues to remain compliant with current building codes. Marvel Electricians are committed to your safety, comfort, and peace of mind and will exceed the highest standards with our services.

Which Type of Outlet Should You Install?

  • Three-prong outlets. can help you avoid electrical shocks and increase the safety of your home. While two-prong outlets are the common ones found in older homes, they are no longer compliant with current building codes.
  • USB outlets. look just like regular outlets, but with USB ports added in for electrical gadgets like smartphones without the need for an extra adapter. 
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets or GFCI. Designed to protect you from accidental electrocutions. The GFCI outlet will sense any changes in the voltage and trip to avoid any electrical shock.

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